Friday, 6 December 2013

How it feels to have a "maintain"

I ate out at least 8 times (possibly 9) between weighing in on 27th November and again on 4th December.
I had a week off work; a trip to London, a 4 day break in Brussels and a visit from an old friend.
But I didn't put on weight!

This week I weighed in at 9st6lbs (the same as last week), and I feel pretty good about it. I feel confident that I made some really good choices when eating out, I reigned it back in quickly after indulging (when I did indulge) and I did heaps more walking then I would have had I been sat at my desk for the week.

If I'd tried my best and had a normal week and had a maintain I wonder if I would feel differently. I was gutted after my gain a couple of weeks ago, but my hard work showed the following week with a 2.5lb loss.

This is now week 9 of Slimming World for me, and I have lost 9lbs in the last 8 weeks. Sometimes its tough, but mostly I just want the results so badly that its worth the occasional grumpy me when I can't have a pudding or something.

The only bit I didn't like about my maintain was the straight line the consultant wrote in my book, but thats just me being silly. I'd have preferred a smiley face or something :-)

My maintain on my progress record page

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