Tuesday, 25 March 2014


I embarked on my Slimming World journey just over 5 months ago now and its been a very bumpy ride.
Although I do not (yet) have results I can boast with..I'm sure I'll get there, eventually.
And one thing that supporters and followers alike can say with confidence is,

"where would I be if I had not have started?"
-possibly two stone heavier?

I am all for utilising as many tools as possible, and have always spoke highly of minimins (an amazing online support forum for many types of diets and lifestyles).

8 weeks ago I discovered instagram and its great.

Search:- #slimmingworld    (hashtag)

and 512,027 posts come up in the form of pictures. Anyone who has shared a picture and stamped it with that hash tag will be shown on your screen. There are pictures of boiled eggs, and hardboiled sweets. There are pictures of the scrummiest looking meals you've ever seen and ones that look like something the dogs brought up. People reveal pictures of themselves in their underwear before and after huge weight loss.

It's amazing.

Mostly I love browsing people's food pictures. I get some real food envy sometimes. But mostly you get loads of great ideas. Wonderful ways to sneak some extra veg into your meals, and how to enjoy your healthy extra B without eating weetabix for 365 days of the year.

Instagram #slimmingworld. Try it

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