Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Week 26. 6 months of Slimming World

A quote from myself 6 days ago:-

"I need to see a result this week. I need to.

I joined SW Wednesday 9th October 2013. Next week will be Wednesday 9th April 2014. Exactly 6 months. 8lbs in 6 months.
I need a loss this week. No pressure.

Consultant gave me a food diary and I'm going to try to come back on here [minimins]. Keep myself on track."

This is whats happened...

Day 1-

I had a 33.5 syn piece of chocolate fudge cake and scoop of vanilla pod ice-cream
I also found out that sainsbury's own veggie mince is not free- oops.

Day 2-

3.5 syns but cheated with my cereal- didn't measure and had shed loads

Day 3-

I drank A LOT of vodka. Food was pretty much good as gold though. I forgot to have superfree with dinner

Day 4-

Back on it. More sneaky cereal but lots of fruit and veg

Day 5-

Supposed to be as good as gold. Started with a 6.5 syn nutrigrain which I thought was a HeB! Ended with a bunch of sugar and syrup filled cocktails and a jaegarbomb.

Day 6-


NO syns today. NONE.
The plan:-
2x eggs (F), strawberries (SF)(SS)
apple (SF)(S)
banana, (SF)

salmon fillet (F), garlic (SF), onion (SF)(S), beansprouts (SF)(S), peppers (SF)(S), noodles (F), light soy sauce (F)
mango (SF), kiwi (SF)(S), pineapple (SF)(S) and grapes (SF)
peach activia 0% (F), strawberries (SF)(SS)
Dinner- ?
HeA-? HeB-?


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