Thursday, 8 May 2014

777 Challenge II. Somethings gotta give

Last time I did the 777 challenge I gained 0.5lb. GAINED!
BUT the week after I lost 2.5lbs (my biggest weekly loss to date).

Here we go...

The best bit about this challenge for me is that you are challenged to do more (as opposed to less [minus the syns]) I like the excitement of pushing myself to eat more speedfoods and drink more water.
Challenges where you are required to eat less carbs, or sugar, or protein or whatever else is in fashion are restricting and painful.

I plan to monitor my speed food intake with a food diary below. Speed foods highlighted, water consumption noted and (we'll see about) syns counted:-

Day 1- 8/5/2014

Breakfast:- overnight oats with mango shape 0% and blueberries (HeB)
Snack:- banana, 2x satsumas
Pre-lunch:- melon (many varieties)
Lunch:- quorn fillet, tomato puree, cheese (HeA), broccoli, potatoes, peppers
Snack:- apple, Shape 0%
Dinner:- 2× quorn sausages (2 syns), mash (1 syn), baked beans, carrots
Snack:- banana

Drinks:- 9/7
Speed foods:- 8/7
Syns:- 3/7
Vodka:- 8 syns


Day 2- 9/5/14

Breakfast:- apple, 2x satsumas 
Lunch:- 3x slices white bread (13.5), cheese (HeA)
Dinner:- quorn fillet, tomato puree,  peppers, carrots, potatoes
Snack:- 0% shape yogurt, blueberries, pineapple

2x kopparberg- 18 syns
7up- 7 syns

Drinks:- 5/7
Speed foods:- 7/7
Syns:-  38.5/ 15


Day 3- 10/5/14

Breakfast:- 2x eggs, 0% shape yog, blueberries, pineapple
Lunch:- Wildwood Superfood Salad- Smoked mackerel with quinoa, feta cheese, avocado, broccoli, peas and sunflower seeds
Snack:- melon, kiwi, pineapple, apple, grapes

Dinner:- takeaway pizza (oops)

2x glasses white wine
Drinks:- ?/7
Speed foods:- 7/7

Day 4- 11/5/14

Breakfast:- *ahem* pizzah (11 syns)
Lunch:- 2x Linda McCartney sausages, jacket potato, green beans, carrots, sweetcorn
Dinner:- tomato and mozarella pasta bake (9 syns)
Bag of randoms (23 syns)
Bag of crispy M&M's (34.5 syns)
Orange juice- I was sick so it can be free and speedy!

Drinks:- 6/7
Speed foods:- 3/7
Syns:- 77.5/15 oops


Day 5- 12/5/14

Breakfast:- 2x weetabix & red milk
Lunch:- jacket potato, baked beans, cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber
Snack:- 2x Graze box treats (13 syns) & pineapple
Dinner:- garlic, onion, mushrooms, carrot, tinned toms, tomato puree, pasta, lettuce, cucumber

Drinks:- 6/7
Speed foods:- 10/7
Syns:- 13/15


Day 6- 13/5/14 and I mean business!!!

Breakfast:- 2x weetabix, red milk, banana
Snack:- graze oatbakes with red onion marmalade (5.5 syns)
Lunch:-  garlic, onion, mushrooms, carrot, tinned toms, tomato puree, pasta, lettuce, cucumber
Snack:- melon, grapes and banana
Dinner:- 2x quorn sausages (2 syns), lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, mushrooms, egg
Drinks:- 8/7
Speed Foods:- 9/7
Syns:- 7.5/15

Day 7- 14/5/14

Breakfast:- banana, 35g fruit & fibre with red milk (HeA & HeB), shape 0% yogurt
Snack:- apple
Lunch:- garlic, onion, mushrooms, carrot, tinned toms, tomato puree, pasta
Snack:- pineapple, strawberries and melon (speedy speedy!!!) alpen light (2.5)

Snacks (more):- cucumber, tomatoes, seafood sticks
Snack:- apple
Dinner:- garlic, onion, mushrooms, carrot, tinned toms, tomato puree, pasta, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes
Vodka diet coke- 4 syns
Drinks:- 8/7
Speed foods:- 12/7
Syns:- 6.5/15

 Phew. Finished.

Click here for the results

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