Thursday, 8 May 2014

Self-sabotage vs. Determination

When emotions are running high there's a very thin line between throwing the towel in and igniting the drive to persevere.

Which side do you fall on?

So last night I had my first gain in 9 weeks. Not a mahoosive gain, but I've not been reporting too many losses either. The last 2 months have gone a little like this:-

0.5lb off, 0.5lb off, MAINTAIN, MAINTAIN, 0.5lb off, MAINTAIN, 0.5lb off, 0.5lb off
and now 0.5lb on!!!


Now I'm not stupid, and I was expecting it, but however you have behaved (food-wise) within any one week, you still want to see a loss on the scales. That's why you put yourself through it. To see the numbers go down.

So, got on scales, reported gain and left group.
Started marching towards McDonalds. (As one does..)

The cycle of self-sabotage was about to begin.

"I'm going to have McDonald's and I'm going to love every second of it. Oooh, or Subway? No, McDonald's, I've been fancying that for a few days now. I'm going to have the fillet of fish, without tartar sauce, thats probably less syns isn't it and I hate tartar. Maybe without the bun too. But then whats the point. No I'm going to have the fillet of fish, with large fries. Maybe a milkshake too..."

But I didn't! I walked home instead! Can you beleive it?! I couldn't!!!

I made a delicious dinner of pizza-topped quorn fillets, peppers, potatos and broccoli. I also prepared enough for lunch today and tomorrow and away I go.
(I'm no saint and did have a belgian bun AND a kitkat chunky, but I probably would have had McDonald's followed by those things so some restrain was definitely noted.)

                           Determination 1 - 0 Self-sabotage

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