Tuesday, 29 July 2014

*star* week - what does that mean to you?

TMI or not I hadn't had star week for every long time due to contraceptive hormones (the injection).

So a couple of weeks ago I experienced my first star week in maybe over a year.
There was chocolate devouring, tears and a mahoosive weight gain (+2lbs!!!)
I was hormonal so didn't stay to group but my consultant said on average the gain is 2lb-4lb when its "that time of the month".

Low and behold the following week I was down 2lbs. I wonder if this affects everyone...people at group don't seem that open about it.

A poor girl last week had gained 3lbs and was sobbing. It was her * week. She had been as good as gold. If she loses more than 3lbs tomorrow I will know that it was water weight like the consultant said.

I will definitely be keeping an eye on this. Not just for weight but to get to know how my own body works (cringe)- god I hate it when people talk like that!
But seriously, I'm 25 years old and should know that if I cry at Eastenders I'm probably due on...

Update:- * week girl lost a whopping 5lbs!!! Water weight it is.

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