Wednesday, 29 October 2014

One meal at a time... a successful slimming world concept (draw a line dotcom)

So I drafted this post on 1st August which was around 13 weeks ago.

My "one meal at a time" spreadsheet came to fruition in June. I was not sticking to plan, I was not trying and I was miserable.

There are 21 meals in a week and I now take time to note how many of the 21 meals I have on plan. In June I was 9 stone 8lbs and at my last weigh in I was 8 stone 13.5lbs. I achieved my one stone award and my Club 10 award.

This method works for me.

If I have a mahoosive pizza on a Saturday night, I draw a line and have an on plan breakfast on Sunday morning. If I skip lunch that same Sunday, I make sure that dinner is on plan.

And so on.

It seems so simple but it works!! It rids me of the guilt for one.

On a good week I will have 18 meals on plan out of the 21 and lose 1-2lbs.
I'm more than ok with that.

~ ~ *
Thursday 9th * * *
Friday 10th * * *
Saturday 11th * * x
Sunday 12th * x *
Monday 13th * * *
Tuesday 14th * x *
Wednesday 15th * * ~ 18/21 8.13.5      -2lbs

For me, it makes this more of a lifestyle thing rather than a fad. I've been a member for over a year now and although I've "only" lost a stone, my relationship with food is better than its ever been.

Having said that...I have just had a weeks annual leave and about 10 days of pigging out, but only tonights weigh in can tell....
I'll draw a line and have a fabby on plan dinner tonight anyway.

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