Thursday, 30 October 2014

Hi-fi Bars

A new week commences today and although I gained 1.5lbs last night, I have still maintained my 1 stone total loss, which definitely softened the blow.

I thought I'd treat myself to some hi-fi bars (I was starving) so I opted for Rocky Road.
Read on for the verdict...

The verdict:- I was most disappointed! Stingy amount of marshmallows, not chocolatey enough and didn't like the raspberry flavour.

Now I don't usually complain about sweeties and treats but no I didn't like them. What a waste of £1.95!

Other Hi-fi's I have tried are:

Peanut heaven
Double Choc Crisp
Seductive Salted Caramel

They've all been delicious! They are a little pricey though so I would opt for Alpen Light Double Chocolate, or Chocolate and fudge if you fancy some chocolatey indulgence without using syns (if counting as a Healthy Extra).

Peanut Heaven is a whopping 6 syns or Healthy Extra B and is absolutely delicious and satisfying! Other peanutty options would be a tsp of peanut butter on toast with a banana.

The salted caramel bars were gorge! You can also get salted caramel green tea from Twinings which is fabuloso and syn free! 

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