Thursday, 17 April 2014

Kay's Soup Challenge - 1 week of low carb, soup-eating fun!

Kay is a member on my beloved site minimins and has come up with the souper (get it) challenge which I had planned to embark on today.

I was very VERY unprepared. Still am (?)

Last night I went to bed at about 11pm, rather smug with this weeks STS and pondering soup. Was woken up at about 2:50am (by my partying boyfriend who fell asleep quite promptly), and I thought about soup for about an hour and a half. Then I was up at 6am chopping courgettes.

My soup was actually delicious!!! A bit watery (very watery) but also very yum!

Date: 17/4/14
Day of Challenge: 1
Plan: Red
Water intake: 1.5l (so far)
Carbs: sushi (oops)
Body magic: 45 minute walk to work (2.2 miles) carrying 1.2l of soup in one hand and 1.5kg of yogurt and fruit on my back. 2.2 miles home. 1.5 miles to friends and back. 1.4 miles to town and back
Syns: 5 from sushi (16 from vodka!)
Soup: garlic (SF), onion (SF)(S), red pepper (SF)(S), courgette (SF)(S), passata (SF)(S), seasoning & stock

Do you know what though. I’m not going to do the guilt/ punishment thing this week. If I do one day of the challenge- great. If I do 7- great too!

We’re so good at beating ourselves up but would never talk to anyone else in the same way. (As if I’ve had a revelation!) Seriously though, why is that?

Anyway I’m going to be very sloshy with all this water, tea, yogurt and soup. Bleurgh

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