Sunday, 13 October 2013

Beginning at the Beginning

8 stones
I (apparently) am a serial dieter. Or a yo-yo dieter. No, I'm just not very good at dieting and I'm very good at stuffing my face with crud.

I stepped on the scales on Wednesday morning and almost had a breakdown. The number 10 was involved. My heaviest ever. And I vow, to never ever EVER reach that weight again.
During my lunch hour at work I googled Slimming World a bit. My mum has recently lost 4 stone and she began with Slimming World and is now successfully going solo.
I decided at around 1pm to go the group which began at 5:30pm that very same evening.
Fingers crossed there will be no looking back as I embark on my journey to get an 8 back on that scale (it's been a while.)

This is me. Its vile but necessary for me to own this picture. I cannot be this girl. It doesn't suit me, its not good for me and those tyres have to go. I have to wear stretchy jeans to work because I refuse to buy work trousers in the next clothes size. Not cool.

So, this is the beginning of my journey to become slim. Slim Kim.

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