Sunday, 13 October 2013


I am on the Extra Easy Slimming World plan.
You're pretty much able to eat as much fruit, veg, beans, meat and wholemeal pasta rice etc as you like. You then are entitled to 15 syns per day. Anything that isn't the above has a syn value.

HEx A- Healthy Extra A choice- Dairy food that is high in calcium. Must have one HEx A per day.
HEx B- Healthy Extra B choice- Foods that are high in fibre or contain important nutrients for a healthy balanced diet. Must have one HEx B per day.

FryLight is SYN FREE. Use it to cook with instead of vegetable/sunflower/olive oil. My SW (Slimming World) consultant famously told me to- "Squirt till it hurts" in regards to how much to use.

I do not represent Slimming World in any way shape or form. I have only been on the plan for 4 days at the time of writing this and am blogging my journey purely for my own benefit. I find when I blog it helps keep me on track. 

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