Tuesday, 22 October 2013

First weigh in plus a sneaky peek at my food diary

Week 1 and I lost 2.5lbs at my weigh in! 

The anticipation of my first weigh in nearly killed me. I could barely sleep on Tuesday night and was a bag of nerves all of Wednesday. I almost completely lost my appetite (wtf?!) and had to make myself keep up my food intake with fruit. 
When I got to the group meeting (my second) I was peeing every 2 minutes and just really really nervous. I chatted to a couple of girls that were a little younger than me though and that was actually very nice. 
They were at the meeting for the same reason as me, had been following the same plan as me and were about to get weighed too and it sort of makes you solid together and understand each other.

I was very very chuffed with my weight loss. Particularly as I haven't felt deprived during the week and even had a binge at the weekend when I visited a friend.
I've enjoyed cooking different recipes and look forward to group again next week.

Food diary to follow (need to use the scanner at work)

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