Monday, 14 October 2013

Slimming World- day 5 review

Am I slim? No. Am I getting there? I do not know. I have hope.

Food Diary:-

weetabix x2 and semi skimmed milk (HEx A & B)
tuna nicoise salad (2 syns in dressing)
orange x2
pepsi max
Alpen bar (6 syns!!!)
plum x2
homemade coleslaw with homemade falafel, natural yoghurt and salad. 25g sultanas (3.5 syns)

TOTAL- 11.5 syns

Today has been ok. I am anxiously anticipating my weigh-in on wednesday night because at the moment I just don't know.
My last "diet" of any significance was the Dukan, which encouraged weighing several times a day! I lost 4lbs in my first 4 days. I realise Slimming World is different and more realistic to maintain and so on, but without evidence of it working its really hard for me.

I did make the mistake of stepping on the scale last night and I think it was about 2lbs MORE than I was at my weigh-in. But I'm choosing to ignore it. It wasn't my weigh in so it doesn't count. It's hard though.

I belong to a wonderful forum (minimins) and there are some very supportive and understanding members on there who will help discuss things such to weigh or not to weigh. (That is the question!)
I think the answer is not to. Unless you are emotionally stable enough to disregard if its bad news.

What I am enjoying is that I am eating really scrummy food and plenty of it. I'm being quite experimental with recipes as well which is nice as usually I just bung it in the microwave or oven and then bung it in my face.

For dinner tonight I made my own falafel and had it with coleslaw that I made yesterday, and do you know what, I enjoyed every mouthful. What's more I felt really proud and chuffed that I had made it myself. I feel full, satisfied and I do not feel guilty and disgusting. Its quite refreshing to be honest.

Falafel- chickpeas, onion, egg, cumin and chilli (I forgot garlic and coriander). Mash it all together and bind with egg. Refrigerate for around an hour. Squirt baking tray with FryLight til it hurts and plonk in the oven for up to 20 mins- keep an eye on them.

Coleslaw- mix shredded cabbage and onion with fat free natural yoghurt. Add salt, pepper and sweetener to taste. (I find the yoghurt sooo tart that I had to add plenty of sweetener, and also decided to enjoy some sultana's with it!)

Today I am feeling really positive and sort of revitalised. I'm sure all this decent food must be good for the mood. I even did Jillian Michael's 30 day shred while I waited for the falafel. Shock shock horror!

Its 20:48 and I'm nowhere near sleepy time which means theres time for snacking before bed but I bought some reduced strawberries. Win.

Over and out from a Kim who is trying to get Slim. 

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