Monday, 14 October 2013

Shop bought low syn/ syn free lunch

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Oh, how true this one is Mr. Franklin!

Me before Slimming World:-

Wake up at 8:15am, leave the house at 8:30am, get to work, buy egg and cress sandwich, orange juice and maybe some sort of chocolate brownie. STUFF MY FACE. Get to lunch time and pig out bigtime. As I had already had a sandwich for breakfast I need something different right? So PROPER meal it is- veggie burger and chips; cheesey jacket potato; quiche and salad. I'm talking mega food. And then a chocolate bar. And maybe a pack of crisps for the 3pm dip. Get home. Ready meal. Sharing bag of crisps. Chocolate/cake/ice-cream. Bed.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

However, IF, the alarm clock should fail to stir you in the early hours of these oh-so-cold mornings- what can you grab for lunch on the go? (Writing this I feel there should definitely be a breakfast on the go collection.)

For my own record here are some low syn/ syn free store bought SW friendly lunches that I have enjoyed. YUM.

Tuna nicoise (with French vinaigrette) 

Free- tuna, hard boiled egg, boiled potatoes
Superfree- lettuce, tomatoes, green beans

Olives- 1/2 syn (8 olives= 1 syn)
French vinaigrette- 2 syns

TOTAL- 2 1/2 syns

Thoughts:- Delicious, filling, full of protein and very low syn

Free- couscous
Superfree- lambs lettuce, pea shoots

HExA- goats cheese (10.5g) still room for more HExA in the same day

Sauce- 2 syns
Plus allow 2 syns for the oil used to cook the minuscule amount of couscous

TOTAL- 4 syns

Thoughts:- meh- not so much.

Oriental King Prawn with noodles (Co-Op)

Free- noodles, prawns, soy sauce
Superfree- cabbage, carrot, pak choi, cucumber, red pepper

SYNS- 3 1/2  (using calculator on SlimmingWorld) 

Thoughts:- delicious, filling, doesn't feel like "diet food" and my colleague was even jealous of this lunch as it smelled so good!

Hard boiled potato and egg salad

This was just an in-house salad from work.

All free and superfree bar the dressing. I like that the dressing comes in a separate little pot in all of these salads. Then you can choose how much to have- if any. My potatoes were a little dry so I did dip into the dressing.

It's so easy to eat low syn at lunch.
(Providing you don't buy a sandwich- I learnt the hard way and we can talk about that another time!)

King prawns, Lochmuir hot smoked salmon and couscous (M&S)

 FIVE STAR!!! Absolutely super-duperly delicious!

(I didn't update this when I planned to so have forgotten its brilliance which only means one thing- I'm going to have to try it again, just so I can blog about it! :-D )

Thoughts: TBC

Jacket potato and baked beans

SYN FREE and delicious!!!!
Just what you need on a cold winters day. And without butter or cheese, then this badboy is completely free. Served with a salad and no dressing , you're laughing.

If you wanted grated cheese ontop, I highly doubt that a restaurant will give you more than 30g, so this can be your HeA. Win

Thoughts:- complete WINNER

Oriental style tuna salad bites in mooli ribbons (M&S)
Free- tuna, rice noodles
Superfree- spinach, pepper, edamame beans
Syns- 2 (using calculator on SlimmingWorld)
Thoughts- although this was very low syn for convenience food I didn't really rate it. It was rather dry for my liking. I suppose that's what the miso dip is for but I'm quite cautious with sauces (I either don't like them at all or like them too much so try to only have a little).

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