Wednesday, 13 November 2013

5 weeks. 7lbs. Half a stone. DONE!

Today I lost my 7th pound using the principles of Slimming World.
My overall  buzz was killed as I wanted to lose 2lbs this week but (only) lost 1lb.
I did however receive a certificate which will be stuck on my mirror shortly. As well as a sticker that was promptly slapped onto the back of my Slimming World book.
Oh- and an announcement and round of applause at group.

9st8lbs. 7lbs lighter than this time 5 weeks ago

My weight loss table on

But how do I feel- 7lbs lighter?

Well- truth be told I'm sort of noticing how much weight I need to lose and at the moment that doesn't necessarily feel like a good thing. Noticing, that is. I mean, obviously I need to lose weight or I wouldn't be doing this in the first place. But I'm a bit cross that I let myself go as far as I did and that half a stone lighter I am still very overweight. It's a bit disappointing.
On a more positive note- I did notice and I am doing something about it. My jeans (I have to wear the same pair to group each week in case it affects my weight) are a little baggier and my triple chin is definitely turning into a double. This is good.

Oh, ignore me- I'm just annoyed because I didn't lose 2lbs and I've really tried this week!
I went to an exercise class for Pete's sake!!! I only went out once at the weekend, I'm within my weekly syns (for the first week since I started!), I ate superspeed soup for THREE days!!!
I hate it when the "Slimmer of the Week" says how surprised she is as she had a massive blowout at the weekend- takeaway, beer the lot and there's me all saintly and not losing my god-damn 2 pounds!!!

Anyway. Rant over.
Slimming World is good.
If I stay on the same path I shall be 9st 2lb by Christmas and more importantly *hopefully* a size 10 by my 25th Birthday!!!

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