Wednesday, 20 November 2013

My first gain

I didn't take a photo and I haven't yet looked at it written down in my book.
I did however sulk during group, until it came to my turn, where I BURST INTO TEARS.

How embarrassing!!!

I put on the grand total of 0.5lbs. As in half of one pound or 227g.

Now I might sound pathetic. But it's all relative, right? If I only lose around 1 pound per week, then for me putting on half a pound is quite a big deal. I can't afford to be going backwards like this, can I.

Where did I go wrong?

Well there were 2 vodka-fuelled incidents this week that were off plan and out of my syn allowance.
On Friday night I ate about 8 biscuits and 2 packets of 15g Haribo Starmix.
Last night I came home and STOLE a slice of domino's from my housemate that I found on the side in the kitchen. Neither of these incidents were planned and they must have lead to my GAIN. Bad karma for stealing food.

But it just doesn't seem fair. Another woman at group claimed to have binged all week, including eating 3/4 of a packet of biscuits and she lost 0.5lb. To be fair I think I would have been as upset if I had stayed the same or only lost 0.5lb but thats besides the point. I go wrong once (ok twice) and that's it- I have to pay the consequences.

It sucks.

Particularly as I've had an average of 12 speed foods per day and eaten about 7 portions of speed soup in the last 2 weeks!!!

Anyway- everyone at group was lovely and gave me loads of advice and support. I'm going to re-read my materials over the next couple of days and get back on it. I aim to lose 1.5lbs next week to make up for it.

How do you deal with a dreaded gain?

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