Sunday, 24 November 2013

Blown it! Again!


I have had a wonderful weekend away. Not even a weekend, a mere 21 hours away and I feel I may have ruined another week on Slimming World.

One word.

A delicious 6 inch tuna sub; honey oat bread, sweetcorn, lettuce, peppers and onions with one line of sweet onion sauce. Oh my God was it good. I was on a night out in Leeds and left everyone to their shinnanigans and opted for heading home early. Via Subway. Then I waited for (I don't know how long) until I was in bed and ate it. Guilty pleasure.

I hope I don't pay for it!!!
Slimming World calculator online says 20 syns for a tuna and cheese sub on white bread. I didn't have cheese but I had honey oat bread. Let's call it 20 syns?
I also had 25 syns of vodka. That's 45 syns in about 6 hours!!! Groan.


It's only Sunday. I still have 29 syns for the rest of the week (3 days [my week runs Thursday-Wednesday]), and I have done a lot of walking this weekend. A LOT, well, at least a lot for me!

Providing I don't go over my weekly syns then this should not be a problem.
I am scared.

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