Monday, 25 November 2013

The Global Fat Scale

This is an interesting calculator I found on the BBC. They used official UN data for over 150 countries to work out average BMI's and put it on a scale.

Global Fat Scale Calculator

My current position on the global fat scale

I started as most like a Somoan, then moved down to Belarus, then Soloman Islands, then the Bahamas and now I'm back at the Solomon Islands.

For me this is a fun way to measure stuff. I guess the ideal would be to be most like someone from the UK. Or even better, Latvia (they're on the average BMI line).

I feel like I should add that there are many arguments and concerns regarding BMI, which I am not going into. This calculator was also created in 2012 and god knows how old the UN data is.
It's just a bit of fun.

If you are going to base your weight loss goals on this; I suggest you re-think the reasons you're on a diet.

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