Friday, 29 November 2013

Biggest Loser


9st 6lbs- a loss of 2.5lbs this week and a grand total of 9lbs in 7 weeks!!!

Thank goodness for that!!!

I think that the last couple of weeks have finally caught up with me and thats why such a great loss showed up at this weeks weigh in and I am absolutely over the moon!!!
The week before last I made a massive batch of speed soup and ate that A LOT. Then last week I tried the 777 challenge (which I didn't truthfully complete but I did eat at least 7 speed foods every day.)
Following a fab week, its all finally paid off and I have a loss to be proud of.

Moving on from here... I am having a 4 day weekend in Brussels as of 6am tomorrow and a Belgian waffle alone is 38 syns, then there's the hot chocolate, and the mulled wine, and the frites. Well.
I'll update with the damage upon my return. 

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