Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Feeling heavy

I may have mentioned before a wonderful forum website I use called minimins.
I thoroughly recommend it for help, support, laughs and advice.

Thought I would share last nights post as I wasn't the only one to have felt like this:-

Evening all!

I woke up feeling heavy today and still feel it now.
I've kept to plan and everything- drinking loads of water too but I've been hungrier than usual the last few days and eaten for example 3 days of rice and veg in 2 days and 3 days of pasta and veg in 2 days. Everything was cooked well and there was a LOT of veg in both these dishes- I'm talking onions, garlic, canned tomatoes, courgettes, sweetcorn, peppers etc in LARGE quantities.

But here I am feeling HEAVY.

I think the other thing is I had 4 slices of 400g bread yest. Two as HeB and 2 slices late last night because I was STARVING and fruit just wasn't cutting it. I synned the second round of course but I think I must be eating tooooo much. But I've been feeling hungry! :-(

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realise eating more than I usually do is likely to result in an increase in weight. But SW promises that I can eat until I'm full.

It's making me nervous. I ate TWO sweet potatoes with my dinner!!! TWO!!!!
Heavy and nervous.

Anyone else ever feel like this?

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