Thursday, 14 November 2013

The dreaded, intimate and much anticipated progress shots

It has to be done.
That's the reason we are all here.

These are a pair of my work trousers.

Generic, ugly and 100% polyester work trousers

They haven't fit me for a few months.
Do they fit me now?

25th October and at 9st 11.5lbs I was pleased to see that I could just do up my work trousers and wore them to work. They were tight and I think I had to undo them during the day when sat at the desk.

Let's face it- I look like a pregnant porpoise.

25th October. 9st 11.5lbs

This morning (14th November) and at 9st 8lbs this is how they fit:-

14th November. 9st 8lbs

I hope the difference can be seen...I will report back in another 3 weeks or so...

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